What If…The Sound of russian Missiles Wakes You Up One Day?

What If…The Sound of russian Missiles Wakes You Up One Day?

As soon as I get up in the morning, I check the news about the war in Ukraine. You might think it’s weird since Ukraine is a small country on another continent. So, such behavior may seem to be strange.

 Although, in the U.S., we understand the atrocities of wartime,…there is an economic downturn looming, gas prices are soaring, and today seems like the best time to think about ourselves. 

 Ukraine’s war is far away, but our problems are getting closer by the day.

These ideas have a grain of truth and tons of rationality. Indeed.

 However, something’s wrong here, specifically in the sentence “Ukraine is far away,” meaning that the russian enemy is far away either.
Globalization and technological advances did not just demolish borders and make us virtually closer. They also made accessing the United States much easier.


Is the war with russia a threat to the U.S.?

 What if I said that Americans should worry about the war in Ukraine. Do you know why? Ukraine is a tiny country fighting against a gigantic demon. Take a look at the history of russia or the activity of this country during the 20th century. 

 Its history can be summed up as one never-ending war with any country. 

 Over 100 years, russia has been involved in 59 wars. Not 5 or 9, but 59. 

Russian soldiers invading Georgia.

Bloodlust makes it fight all the time. One day, russian military forces might attack New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Texas.
The anti-American propaganda is already on the agenda. So, what if Ukraine fails? What country will be the next? Poland? Lithuania? In the U.S.?

Never underestimate your enemy.

 The enemy is far, but it increases its power to hit… fiercely, ruthlessly, and unexpectedly like Hitler. 

 Those, who remember Nazi armed forces, say they were an army of intellectuals compared to russian orks. The latter constantly break all the rules and regulations, loot, torture people, and rape children and the elderly, both men and women. 

Because aggression is in the vessels of russian soldiers, they are ignorant of values such as dignity, kindness, respect, and mercy.

 Ukraine sheds blood today to protect Europe and the U.S. from this monster. However, it is a tiny country whose resources will not last forever. Despite its immense efforts and enormous bravery, it will eventually fail without our support. 

Are you ready? 

 Are you prepared for the possibility of Russian bombs hitting your city? Are you going to think about gas prices once you hear a missile sneeze? Or about an economic recession?

 You’ll think about your kids, parents, friends, and loved ones. 

 And the U.S. could feel the whole disaster of russian aggression. They call Ukrainians their neighborly brothers and simultaneously rape even nine months old babies there. So, what will they do with Americans? Can’lp wherever possible even imagine.

Yeah, I wake up daily, watch the Ukrainian news, donate money, and he. 

 Because if russians hit the U.S. one day, I don’t want to be ashamed looking into my kids’ eyes and saying I didn’t do anything to stop it. 

 And what about you?

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