russia is a Terrorist State

russia is a Terrorist State

On the 11th of September, 2001, the world mourned the victims of the twin towers attack in New York. Al Qaeda’s brutality and destruction shocked people.

Nearly 3000 people died in the tragedy… People worldwide grieved and supported the U.S. for punishing Osama Bin Laden for planning the attack.

Ukraine 2022, the cities are bombed by the russian terrorists… It’s not just the consequence of war actions but the deliberate bombing of Kremenchuk, Vinnytsya, Zaporizhya, and Kharkiv.

There are no military objects located nearby, just civilian society.

  The world watches the situation stuck in the bureaucratic cobweb. Yet, at the same time, Ukraine buries its infants and kids, whom russian missiles deprived of their lives.

11/9 terrorist attacks and daily russian attacks. What’s the difference?

Comparing the terrorist attacks in the U.S. to those in Ukraine isn’t by accident. There are a lot of things they have in common, but the world sees them differently.

Meriam-Webster Dictionary defines “terrorism” as the systematic use of terror, especially as a means of coercion.

 The Ukrainian situation fits this definition even more than the American one. The difference is in the word “systematic.”

russians systematically attack Ukrainian cities, killing so-called “nazis” in kindergartens, schools, malls, and civilian infrastructure.

Even so, the world tries to deal with it diplomatically. Keeping its eyes off thousands of Ukrainian victims.

Osama Bin Laden vs. vladimir putin? Different treatments for similar crimes

In response to his actions, the American nation punished Osama Bin Laden for being one of the greatest global terrorists.

No global leaders tried negotiating with him, settling the situation peacefully because dealing with terrorists requires powerful moves.

vladimir putin killed thousands of Ukrainians, started several wars, and constantly threatens the world with the russian nuclear launch button.

It’s questionable how well he’s doing mentally. But despite this, global leaders go to russia for diplomatic visits, make negotiatory calls, and try to settle things diplomatically.

Why are there such differences in how these terrorists are treated? putin’s government might have killed many more people than Bin Laden’s terrorist attacks, but… the world tries to follow the etiquette.

How about a robust and powerful response to putin’s aggression, like the U.S. gave to Bin Laden?

russia commits mass crimes because it doesn’t get punished by the global leaders. Despite the economic sanctions, the world keeps investing billions in russian terrorism.

There’s another thing: everyone knows about the atrocities russian troops commit in Ukraine, but the world’s countries keep sponsoring them, hiding behind the gas payments.

The only thing terrorists understand is power.

 The russians are terrorists who calmly and accurately plan their murders and feel no guilt about it.

 Ukrainians are seen as “Nazis” by them. Therefore, Ukraine to defend itself from russian influence, russian culture, and russian culture cherishing its own identity.

The world wants to settle everything peacefully, but terrorists understand only the power’s response.

As soon as they are allowed to escape responsibility for the deaths they caused in Ukraine, they’ll try to free Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, and other neighboring nations.

Today is when the world’s fate is decided. russia should be generally declared as a terrorist state. It’d hurt Russian economy and stop future attacks on global states.

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