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Current Needs

Slings: $12 each Need: 113

Pouches/Bags/Belts: $12 each Need:664

Knee Pads: $17 each Need: 80 pairs

First Aid Kits: $14 each Need: 94

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We live in an amazing world and history has taught us that good things always require a fight. Light always conquers the darkness, and this requires help not only for those fleeing the war, but also for those fighting for peace. Ukraine is now fighting for peace and for good, not just within its borders, but also throughout the world. The men and boys who yesterday were just ordinary workers in their companies, dads to their children and husbands to their families are now warriors of light. And they need help.

Ukrainians must defend themselves against a criminal attack on the honor and freedom of their country and people. Military aid will save not only their lives but also the lives of millions of innocent Ukrainians who are now bravely opposing a dictatorial regime. 

Unfortunately, the situation in Ukraine worsens. A new wave of the russian invasion, which is far more fierce and dangerous, has begun. Ukrainian soldiers and volunteer soldiers have asked us to provide them with medical triage kits, first aid kits, backpacks, knee pads, slings, boots, helmets, bulletproof vests, and other protective gear.



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The men fight day and night to free their people from the russian troops that slaughter civilians, destroy cities, and get immense satisfaction from wrecking human lives.

It may seem impossible to achieve this goal but we can move mountains together.


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$3,000 Raised