When Indifference is a Crime

When Indifference is a Crime

What comes to your mind when you think of the worst things in the world? One of them is indifference.

At first sight, it seems to be a synonym for neutrality. Yet its gist is a lot deeper than that.

Indifference is a silent acceptance of the ruthlessness and injustice veiled under the phrases “what can I do?”, “I cannot help everybody in this world,” “it’s not my fight.”

If we reacted to the events with actions instead of indifference, we could eradicate a lot of evil in this world.

War in Ukraine Could Be Avoided

Today, the world observes the war in Ukraine… However, if we had responded to previous military actions from the side of russia, we could avoid this war or at least reduced the number of victims.

Think about the war in Georgia caused by russian troops in 2008. It lasted eight days, but the other nations were indifferent about it. Georgian wartime events were horrible, as the victims were mainly peaceful civilians. But.. the world kept quiet…

For russia, this reaction was an endorsement of its actions. The russian government realized it could do whatever it likes without being punished.

This state understands the force of power and punishment only. russia viewed the lack of proper response from the global community as approval of its actions.


In 2014, russia invaded Crimea, starting an eight-year war with artificial justifications for freeing the russian-speaking population. World leaders silently watched the deaths of Ukrainian soldiers and remained actionless. It was the reaction that russia wanted to see.

Ukraine was supposed to follow the Georgian and Crimean scenarios on the 24th of February. But something went wrong…

Fighting the Enemy Today to Be Free Tomorrow


Something went wrong because there was no indifference from the side of the global community.

Ukraine and the world came together to fight the russian evil because they remembered the past.

Ukraine has suffered oppression from russia for centuries trying to ban the Ukrainian language and culture and kill Ukraine as a nation. 

Ukrainians remember Holodomor, the artificial famine of 1932-1933 when the Soviets killed 5 million Ukrainian citizens. Despite the decaying crops, people were not allowed to eat them, so they died from famine.

This painful memory will be passed down from generation to generation. Ukrainians will never forget it.

Freedom or Death?

Holodomor was merely one of the many crimes committed against Ukrainians. For that reason, when they choose between freedom or death, they pick the latter if the first isn’t an option. Ukraine understands that being under russian rule is much worse than being dead…

Many people may disagree. They must be unaware of the Khersonian scenario. Russian troops currently occupy Kherson. People, who have not been able to leave this territory, endure the total anarchy there.

Is it hard to live under russian occupation?

You must keep silent when russian soldiers steal your home, your vehicles, and all your belongings because they believe having a right to act this way.

russian occupation means observing the disappearance of your friends, raping of your wives and mothers, and keeping silent because otherwise, you’ll die.

Is it hard to live under russian occupation? It’s not hard; it’s unbearable.

Ukraine Pays Bloody Price for Its Freedom

Ukraine pays a bloody price for its freedom and independence because it’s better to suffer than be a russian slave. Rightless and indifferent.

So, when I’m asked what’s the worst thing in the world, I firmly reply that it is indifference. It would be a crime to be indifferent today, as it is an insult to the sacrifice of millions of people and their effort to fight for the values they hold dear, like truth, dignity, and respect for their country. 

 Be angry, irritated, be kind, or supportive, but never indifferent because indifference is the sign of an absence of personal position.

 Do not be indifferent to what is happening in Ukraine today since your indifference may have disastrous consequences for you tomorrow.

 russia is a terrorist state, and it should be stopped. Otherwise, our future is doomed…


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